“I would highly recommend this unit of study for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond Yoga is something I look forward to in my week”

- Sarah Montes (Student)

“The experience of my first class was like jumping and looking over a wall. Once I saw what was over that wall, I knew I had to go over and experience the other side. Thank you for guiding me through a journey.

- Kathleen Wagner (Student)

“It’s very difficult to find a good yoga class. From the moment I walked into yoga studio I knew this was what I had been looking for. you made me feel very welcome, I highly recommend you.

- Edith Thompson (Student)

I was apprehensive about joining a class. you guys make me feel so welcome and I have since found out. it is not just the first lesson or two when shows you lovely caring attitude, it is evident in every class.

- Corey Imhoff (Student)